High Quality Voicemail Only Services

Sometimes all you need is voicemail. A phone number that won't make any phones ring.

Callers go directly to voicemail and leave a message after hearing your custom greeting.

You can listen to (or ignore) messages at your convenience. The caller id and voicemail audio are emailed to you.

Low Cost

Keeping it simple means keeping prices low.

It costs just $1/month per phone number and 1 cent/minute of airtime.

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There are tons of uses for voicemail only services.

  • New or small businesses that want a custom and professional greeting.
  • Domain name owner records.
  • Any other public records that requires a phone number.
  • A real number you can use when you don't want to give out your phone number.
  • Any "we'll call you" situations
  • Use it to signup for things that might be spammy.
  • Change your number often.
  • Broadcast a recorded message to a group or organization.


  • Setup a toll free voicemail number.
  • Setup voicemail for any US area code.
  • Setup voicemail in over 50 countries.

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